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Reroll Expectations Logo

Not only do I host TechLater's Gaming Dev/Design podcast Chasing XP, I am also the media director for the site's digital media, including YouTube and other future projects.

I also Dungeon Master for Reroll Expectations, my real-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast. We're currently in Chapter 2 of the first campaign, and it's some of my best creative writing work (and my worst voice acting work).

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I also do a variety of writing work. You can find my work on Reddit, Medium, as well as ongoing guest articles for FandomSpot.


Born and raised in Orlando, FL, I'm still here because I will probably die if I'm exposed to anything under 75 degrees. I love to write, do worldbuilding, play tabletop and video games, and other random hobbies. I've been a Dungeons and Dragons player since high school, where I was forced into being the dungeon master because my friends can't tell a story to save their lives, and now I feel like Sir Anthony Hopkins in Westworld ranting about my precious narratives.


If you'd like samples of my work, or would like to work together on something, contact me from any of these platforms!

While I can't share all of my work in my portfolio publicly, I've got a few samples available.

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A creative writing and worldbuilding blurb about my Dungeons and Dragons setting Sirine, from Reroll Expectations.

An essay about the film Clerks by Kevin Smith.

Reroll Expectations Logo
Reroll Expectations Logo

A listicle for a popular Dungeons and Dragons fan site.