Jeff Nabors

Media Director | Writer | Podcaster

I am an established writer and self-proclaimed “internet person”, known for hosting the Chasing XP Podcast, as well as my Dungeons and Dragons Podcast Reroll Expectations.

As the Media Director for Chasing XP, I oversee all of the digital content for the company, as well as the occasional editorial piece.

What am I working on?

Reroll Expectations Logo
Reroll Expectations Logo

Not only am I the Media Director for Chasing XP, I also host their Game Design & Development podcast.

I also Dungeon Master for Reroll Expectations, my real-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast. We're currently in Chapter 3 of the first campaign, and it's some of my best creative writing work (and my worst voice acting work).

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I also stream on Twitch a couple of days a week for funsies.

I also do a variety of writing work. You can find my work on Reddit, Medium, as well as ongoing guest articles for FandomSpot.


I've been writing pieces about Video Games and tabletop games for nearly a decade, covering a variety of topics from Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons.

I began creating digital content in 2019 with the launch of my Twitch channel, as well as my Dungeons and Dragons podcast Reroll Expectations in 2020. I started as the Media Director for TechLater in the fall of 2020, where I manage all of the digital media for the company, including YouTube and the Chasing XP Podcast.


If you'd like samples of my work, or would like to work together on something, contact me from any of these platforms!

While I can't share all of my work in my portfolio publicly, I've got a few samples available.

Reroll Expectations Logo

A creative writing and worldbuilding blurb about my Dungeons and Dragons setting Sirine, from Reroll Expectations.

An essay about the film Clerks by Kevin Smith.

Reroll Expectations Logo
Reroll Expectations Logo

A listicle for a popular Dungeons and Dragons fan site.